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First, do no harm…

You may be familiar with the phrase above from the medical world – it’s part of the training of every doctor.  Solutions Financial believes that it applies just as well in another very important part of our lives – our financial well-being.

We’ve been in the financial arena for many years.  The only way we’ve been able to survive the mortgage and overall credit meltdowns is by having your best, long-term interests in mind, driving everything we do.  We simply won’t do something that isn’t right for you (…the “no harm” mentioned above….)

Why We are Different, and Why You Should Care

You’re here because you need a debt solution that fits your exact situation.  You don’t want us to “sell you” on a debt relief plan that doesn’t fit your goals…just because that is the only “product” we have access to.  We’ve spent a good deal of time and money to set up various debt programs so that we can advise you on your different options and not shove you into something that only works for us.

Debt Management vs. the “Debt Snowball” (or Bankruptcy or ???)

You might find a debt management program fits you best because you can afford your current payments, are really protective of your credit score, but don’t want to be in debt for 30 years making minimum payments.

Or, you might want the same benefit of getting out of debt much faster, but you are a “do-it-yourself” type of person who wants 100% control of paying your own bills…but wants to do it in a more strategic, systemized way. If so, the Debt Snowball is the right choice for you.

On the other hand, you might find that after you’ve gotten punched in the stomach by this economy, and lost your job or taken a pay cut, that you can’t quite afford to keep up with your current monthly payments.  You’ve decided that your credit score can take a backseat to staying in your home and keeping a roof over your family’s head.  In that case, we’ll tell you up front if bankruptcy is the best solution for you.  We’d rather be straight-up with you, even though we know that sometimes people blame the messenger.  That’s okay, because we do what is right so we can sleep at night.  Oh, and by the way, we do not handle bankruptcies so we will have to refer you to somebody if you need to go that way.  Since attorneys can’t pay non-attorneys any kind of “referral fee”, that means we don’t stand to profit if you go that way.  Again, that is how we work – it is the right thing to do, and we think that maybe you’ll remember us in future years and call us to see if we can serve you in a different way.

You might even be the rare person where the “do nothing” approach (combined with some free advice and direction) is the right move.  We’ll tell you that, instead of teaching you how to lie to your creditors like some of our competitors do.

(NOTE: don’t misunderstand the statement above…we are fed up with the games the creditors play and how they take advantage of consumers like you and me.  We are very aggressive in getting the very best outcome for our clients, and we don’t feel any remorse making a dent in the huge profits that the credit card companies make each year.  But we won’t be any part of a fraudulent claim to your creditors, which can hurt both you and our company severely).

Why Should You Trust Us For Debt Help?

Let’s get this out of the way right up front.  Solutions Financial has not been in business for decades, and you won’t see us on TV (at least not yet).  We have a long background in financial services, and after spending many years learning all the ins and outs, finally decided to branch out so we could do everything exactly how we wanted it done for our customers.

However, with a decision as important as this one, we don’t expect you to just take us at our word and trust us as the “honest debt relief people!”  That is why we decided to partner with a non-profit agency that has been in business since 2002, and who has a very rare (and much coveted by our competitors) BBB rating of A+.  They handle all of the processing for your file, and we do not handle any of your payments or money in any way.  If we get to that point, we’ll be happy to share all of their information with you and get you a copy of their report or tell you how to get it yourself.

Now That The Scary Part Is Out Of The Way…

Other than that, why do we want to be the straight-up debt advice company, “losing deals” to our boiler-room competitors out there? Simple. We are in this for the long haul, and don’t have to sell everybody we talk to just to keep the doors open.  We’d love to have a long relationship with you, and maybe even assist you months or years down the road with some of the other financial services that we offer.

What Should I Do Now To Find Out More?

Take a few minutes and fill out our Free, No-Hassle Debt Relief Consultation request now. Best case we can help you crawl out of your debt nightmare faster and less expensively than you thought was possible. Worst case, you get a free 7-page financial analysis and some free advice by experts in the industry.  No obligation, no cost, and you don’t have to share any sensitive personal information, so it really isn’t too painful. Promise!

If we can help you, your agreement will actually be with a law firm – not a figurehead law firm that can’t even spell debt and is “used” just to fulfill regulatory requirements, but one that specializes in this industry.  They will actively manage your account, oversee the negotiations with your creditors, and ensure that our non-profit company follows all the rules and takes excellent care of you.

If you aren’t comfortable yet and just want to ask a question or get some different advice first, our owners directly answer questions posted on our About Page.

Best of luck, regardless of what you decide to do…


Greg Falzone

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